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APA will commitment to not exert pressure on your staff to act in ways that contravene this statement

Flyer distribution is one of the first steps that a business takes to get customers aware of its product. However, in Sydney, this industry has not been monitored heavily which means that many clients actually end up losing their money as most of the customers do not even pay attention to what is being handed over to them.

At APA however, we are careful and that is why we have set up a GPS tracking system for regulating that your flyers are handed to the correct audience. With this, the Letterbox Drops & Distribution system is carefully monitored and you receive a wonderful response to the baby steps your business is taking.

Our marketing team comprises of dedicated individuals who know when and how to target your audience. With the help of this expertise, you are reaching them even before you know and the customers also reply back in form of good sales.

Types of flyer distribution services we provide

Residential flyer drops and distribution delivery– As part of the same we take care that your flyers are dropped in the letterboxes of individuals staying in a particular area. Especially effective if it is a service which is targeted only to a particular region.

Business 2 business– In this case, we might distribute your flyers to the letterboxes of other business. Or you can also get your flyer handed over at the reception of the business to ensure that it reaches its final place.

Samples distribution– If you are keen to get your customers to have a look or taste your product you can get your samples distributed. As per your selected postcode, we distribute these samples in the letterbox and our GPS system ensures that the customer gives it a try.

Hand to hand distribution-Often customers go through your flyer only if you hand them personally. More so if you get the distribution done at an expo or local event the chance of your customers going through it increases.

Notices– In case you want a particular notification given to the residents of a specific area we shall do it for you. We will meet the deadlines and ensure that the knowledge is provided in the nick of time.