Letterbox Distribution

Our Flyer Distribution Promises

  1. Unbundled Distribution: You won’t find your flyers hidden amongst a stack of supermarket catalogues when you receive them in the mail. This means more VISABILITY of your flyers.
  2. Timing is very crucial for advertising. It’s important to get the timing correct, so your campaign will be successful! We plan your campaign with your time plan. Your success is our success.
  3. GPS Tracking: All our Walkers & Field Supervisors are tracked by GPS Devices; we are the first in the industry to start tracking walkers with GPS units since 2009. You get to know what streets were delivered to or missed. No Cheating, good quality distribution means better RESULTS for you.
  4. Cross Check Whilst Distribution is in Progress: TRUST your own eyes
    • Confirmation: You will be notified a day before by email for the distribution to commence for each area.
    • Scheduling: You will also be notified on the day of distribution by SMS that what areas are in progress today (please feel free to meet field supervisor, whilst distribution is in progress).
    • Progress: You will be emailed the progress reports the next day.
    • Completion: Once the distribution is completed, you will be notified by email and the QC audit for your distribution will be performed.
  5. Proof of Deliveries: We will provide a GPS link at the conclusion of your campaign, showing you exactly where your flyers have been delivered with a google map link showing the GPS tracks. (Click here) The GPS coordinates/tracks for each street are also included so that it’s easy to see the houses & streets that were delivered to or missed! Peace of Mind, your money well spent

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